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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find the ton size of my HVAC system?

Locate the data plaque or sticker on the side of your condensing unit. Look for an even two-digit number on this plaque. Divide this number by 12 to determine the overall tonnage of your AC unit.

How do I decide who is the best contractor?

Choose a contractor based on their experience, certifications, and customer reviews. Check online directories like Angi and the Better Business Bureau for ratings and reviews. Verify their licenses and insurance. Ask for references and compare multiple quotes before making a decision.

How do I know if an estimate is reasonable?

Compare multiple estimates from reputable HVAC companies in your area. Research average costs for similar services in your region. Look for detailed breakdowns of labor and parts in the estimates. Be wary of quotes significantly lower or higher than the average.

How much should I expect to spend on regular annual maintenance/cleaning of my HVAC system?

Annual HVAC maintenance costs typically range from $75 to $200. Factors affecting the price include system size, complexity, and your location. Some companies offer maintenance plans with discounted rates for regular service visits.

How much does HVAC repair service cost?

HVAC repair costs vary widely, from $150 to $1,000 or more. Simple repairs like replacing a capacitor may cost $150-$300. Complex issues such as compressor replacement can exceed $1,000. The final price depends on the specific problem, required parts, and labor time.

How much does HVAC replacement cost?

HVAC system replacement costs range from $5,000 to $15,000 or more. Factors influencing the price include:

  • System size and efficiency rating
  • Brand and model
  • Installation complexity
  • Additional ductwork or modifications required

Does homeowners insurance cover HVAC repair services?

Homeowners insurance typically covers HVAC repairs only if the damage results from a covered peril. Examples include:

  • Fire damage
  • Storm damage
  • Vandalism

Regular wear and tear or maintenance issues are generally not covered by standard homeowners insurance policies.

How long do HVAC systems last?

HVAC systems typically last 15 to 25 years with proper maintenance. Factors affecting lifespan include:

  • System quality and installation
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning
  • Usage patterns
  • Local climate conditions
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Extend system lifespan
  • Prevent costly breakdowns
  • Maintain optimal performance

123 HVAC Canada
Rated 5/5 (9 Reviews)
Selwyn, Ontario, K9J 0C5, Canada

1st Choice Heating & Air
Rated 5/5 (9 Reviews)
Gray, Georgia, 31211, United States

1st Choice Heating & Cooling
Rated 5/5 (9 Reviews)
Waukesha, Wisconsin, 53189, United States

1st Choice Mechanical
Rated 5/5 (9 Reviews)
Phoenix, Arizona, 85027, United States

1st Choice Quality Heating & Air
Rated 5/5 (9 Reviews)
Manning, South Carolina, 29102, United States

1st Heating and Cooling
Rated 4.1/5 (9 Reviews)
Waterford Twp, Michigan, 48328, United States

1st Response HVAC & Electric Solutions
Rated 5/5 (9 Reviews)
Lake Stevens, Washington, 98258, United States

Rated 5/5 (9 Reviews)
New York, New York, 10014, United States

24 Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
Rated 5/5 (9 Reviews)
Casper, Wyoming, 82601, United States

24/7 Manhattan Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs (R)
Rated 5/5 (9 Reviews)
New York, New York, 10016, United States

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