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List your service business online

BuildX connects you with customers nearby who are looking for your services.

Why become a BuildX Pro?

 Connect with customers for free.

With other companies, you pay for junk leads and waste time seeking refunds. At BuildX, we deliver verified, high-quality leads tailored to your services. Our AI tools ensure relevant leads that convert, with zero commission fees.

Homeowners find us when searching for local services.

Other companies spend millions on TV, radio, and other media, reaching people who are typically not high-intent buyers. The homeowners who find us are actively searching online for terms like “roofers in Dallas” and “plumbers in Los Angeles,” including AI and voice searches.

How Does BuildX Work?

Homeowners search for contractors in their area.

✔ Homeowners tell us about their project

✔ They request an estimate for a service

✔ We verify every request for quality

We tell you about the job.

✔ We send the customer request to you

✔ You call the homeowner and book

✔ Your profile page helps you convert

How much does it cost to get listed on contractorsnearme.ai?

 50 /mo

 No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Get Listed

   List in 1 Location + 20 areas

   Rank in search engines

   Digital portfolio

   Lead automation

   Forum and funnel publisher

   Testimonial showcase

   Display social links

  Unlimited photos & videos

What makes BuildX Pro different than other brands?

AI Estimates

 Accurate project cost estimates using local data.

Matching Algorithm

 Smart contractor-homeowner matching with AI.

Search Engine Ranking

 Rank on search engines for your services.

Content Marketing

 High-quality, keyword-optimized content creation.

No Lead Fees

Transparent subscription-based model without lead fees.

24/7 Support

Around-the-clock customer support is available.

Forums and Q&A

 Interactive forums and Q&A for community engagement.


Public events to connect and engage with the community.

Detailed Profiles

Showcase detailed portfolios and client reviews.

Service + Location Pages

SEO-optimized landing pages and social media integration.

Cost Guides

Detailed service cost guides that are built to convert.

Lead Pre-Qualification

 We pre-qualify bid requests before they reach you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ContractorsNearMe.ai?

ContractorsNearMe.ai is a platform that connects homeowners and businesses with local contractors for various construction, remodeling, and home improvement projects.

How do I get listed on ContractorsNearMe.ai?

You can sign up on ContractorsNearMe.ai and create a profile showcasing your services, credentials, and past projects.

Is there a fee to join ContractorsNearMe.ai?

ContractorsNearMe.ai operates on a subscription-based model with no lead fees. Various plans are available to suit your needs.

How does AI matching work?

AI matching uses advanced algorithms to connect you with homeowners whose project requirements match your expertise and availability.

What information do I need to provide?

You’ll need to provide your business details, licenses, insurance, service areas, and a portfolio of past work.

How do I manage leads?

Leads are managed through your ContractorsNearMe.ai dashboard, where you can view and respond to inquiries.

Are the leads pre-qualified?

Yes, leads are pre-qualified using AI estimates to filter out non-serious inquiries.

What is BuildX.pro?

BuildX.pro is a comprehensive platform designed to enhance the online presence of contractors through advanced marketing automation tools.

How do I upgrade to BuildX.pro?

You can upgrade by selecting a plan that suits your business needs and following the upgrade process on your ContractorsNearMe.ai dashboard.

What are ‘funnels’ in BuildX.pro?

Funnels are optimized content pages designed to attract and convert potential clients into leads and customers.

What benefits do I get after upgrading?

Upgrading provides enhanced visibility, more qualified leads, advanced marketing tools, and a dedicated account manager for personalized support.

Can I add more locations?

Yes, you can add more locations by accessing the upgrade page on BuildX.pro and selecting the ‘Add More Locations’ option.

What is BuildX.me?

BuildX.me is a local marketing automation platform offering premium marketing solutions for contractors, including Business Profile management, directory distribution, and complete content marketing automation.

What does the BuildX.me plan include?

The BuildX.me plan includes directory distribution, link building, content creation, Google Business Profile optimization, and local marketing automation.

How does content marketing automation work?

Content marketing automation involves creating and distributing high-quality, keyword-optimized content to attract and engage potential clients.

Can I customize my plan?

Yes, BuildX.me offers customizable add-ons such as extra custom websites, booking software, and more tools to tailor your business plan.

Is there a discount for multiple locations?

Yes, clients with multiple locations may receive discounts based on the number of locations and the services selected.

What is the cost of the BuildX.me plan?

The cost varies based on the number of locations. Contact BuildX.me for a detailed quote.